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This is America smh

This is America smh

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I was sexting this guy I like and my brother saw my phone (his message, "I wanna cum for you", appeared on screen) and my brother saw it. My brother sent him a message saying how he has to respect me and how my brother would "fuck him up" if he went to the same school as we did. I was mad at my brother for invading my privacy but now Im over it. My brother is mad at me now because he says I don't respect myself and Im a whore. He says its worse because the guy isn't my boyfriend idk how to feel.
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Tell your brother to shut the fuck up , cuz he’s sick. He needa learn how to come correct . Wtf

what terrible advice…she should be happy that her brother cares about her self worth.

I see no lies. My uncles me my boyfriend and gave him the respect talk

Both of y’all need correction

I guarantee that boy wanted to f* n leave that girl her brother saved her a heart break she need to stop being thirsty for the D and teach a man to respect her

I’m loyal in relationships. If I’m your girlfriend, that’s it. I’m practicing to be your wife at that point because I treat it seriously.
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Low budget R&B videos be like …

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Lol look at Miguel trying to act like she wasn’t dreadful.

Fuck this is sad

Jesus fix it all

Oh no…

The voice is gone

blackberryshawty she has fallen


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ok but why does the glass fill when he drinks

that’s none of your business



ok but why does the glass fill when he drinks

that’s none of your business

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